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Furiosa competing in AKC Rally

                                   My name is Suzanne Taurone

I learned under a "Correction Only" trainer and though with her I learned most of what I apply today, I knew there were other methods available. I have a wonderful husband who has allowed me to follow my passions, so I took a job at Petsmart to learn Clicker & Treat training. There I was exposed to hundreds of clients with dogs of all sizes and attitudes.
I do not consider myself a "Treat Trainer" nor a "Correction Trainer", I use different methods, from clickers and treats to corrections. I believe that there is no one way to train a dog and that there are definatley some behaviors that are Non-negotiable. Each dog is different and what works for one might not work for another. I believe every dog needs an owner who is a calm confident leader and I try and teach my clients how to achieve that.I spend my days out and about with my own dogs, teaching classes,  private evaluations and I am always willing to help a rescue dog find a home.

          My first dog was a Lab/Shepherd mix named Shadow. She was a fabulous dog who helped raise my daughter. In 1999 I bought a White German Shepherd puppy who turned out to be fearful and insecure. My quest to help him is what started me learning about Dogs.  After Comet, I brought in a Doberman named Kreigher. Kreigher was a high level working dog who was a constant challenge. Next came Charlie my Rottweiler. He was a rescue from a lady who didn't socialize or give him the exercise he needed. He was 10 months old and already growling at people, it took me two hours to pull him out of the apartment he was in as he was growling and snarling at me but I wouldn't leave him. Don't tell any of the others but Charlie is my favorite. I wanted a Cane Corso for a long time and after a bad experience with a rescue, I decided to get a puppy.Tinkerbell and I have trained in Agility, Rally, Barn Hunt,IPO and Obedience. She is Therapy and Hospice certified and we regularly make time for visits. RuRu is the newest addition to our home as he is Co-Owned with Zoe and Dominick Devita of De Italica Terrae Cane Corso. He was brought in as a show prospect and is helping to teach me about the world of  dog showing, confirmation and breeding. As well as living with an unaltered male! He  is a registered therapy Dog and participates regularly in the Tail Waggin Tutors program in Newburgh. He finished his show career with a Group3 @ Eukanuba 2014 , Best of breed @ Westminster2014  and ranked #3 for his breed for  2014. He trains and competes  in Rally,Obedience, Barn Hunt,Dock Diving, IPO and LOVES Frisbee! Furiosa is my NEW PUP! She is currently training for IPO and AKC obedience and Rally!
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